Sunday Service: 10:00am

Got Spare Change?

Family Ministries’ 4th Annual Change for Change Challenge: April 1-31

Collecting loose change to send kids to summer camp at the Hockomock YMCA

We're challenging our youngest generation to do something big this month by collecting and depositing every spare nickel, dime, quarter and penny they can get their hands on into bottle outside of Small Chapel.

Last year, their efforts resulted in a grand total of $600! And you know what it was used for? To help provide new moms with baby items via Bethany Christian Services.

Let's help make a change again. This year, we will donating our collection to our local partner the Hockomock YMCA to help pay for kids and families in need attend summer camps. 
All of the Y’s programs and services are available to everyone in the community regardless of their ability to pay.  Last year the Y awarded more than $2 million in confidential scholarships and program subsidies. Please watch this video - a shining example of community coming together to support each other.

We challenge kids from pre-K through high school to look through those couch cushions and winter jacket pockets, have an open hand when change is handed back at the grocery check out and ask extended family to do the same.

Remember to bring coins into NEC on Sundays throughout the month of April and each time you hear the clink and clank of all those coins dropping into the bottles, say a prayer that God would multiply your efforts and make something so small, extra, extra big.