Sunday Service: 10:00am

201: Practicing Faith as a Way of Life

“Practice Prevents Poor Performance.” While faith is not a performance, the wisdom of the 4 P’s holds true to faith. 201 is a 5 session group experience where you’ll learn 6 life giving practices of faith:

Bible Reading • Resting • Giving • Praying • Serving • Contagious Living

201 is set in a small group format of 5-8 group members and will be offered at a variety of times and locations. 201 can either be experienced in 5 weeks (meeting weekly) or 10 weeks (meeting bi-weekly). Circles are welcome to do 201 together as a circle.

301: Thrive


301 is the starting point for rethinking, recommitting and renewing your life long journey to knowing God and becoming more like Jesus. 301 assumes both a humility that we will never ‘arrive’ and a confidence that we can always grow. The goal of 301 events are to take us into deeper levels of counter-cultural faith catalysts like sacrifice, surrender, and dependency on God.

301 is a wide collection of ever changing learning experiences centered around 5 major categories of faith: Bible, Prayer, Service, Generosity, and Love. Each category has it’s own collection of experiences & events to help you grow in that area. You can try just one 301 event or try them all. You can do one a month one a year or none at all. There will be some regularly occurring events that are offered multiple times a year and some events that may only happen once. After taking ‘301 Orientation’, you will be notified of new and upcoming 301 opportunities.

Want more information?  Here's who can help:
Cliff Winters
Adult Ministries Pastor