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What are Circles?
Circles @NEC are safe environments to talk about faith and life. They're a time to get into God's Word, connect deeper with others, pray for one another, and be missed if you're not around. Life is lived in community.  Find a community that gives you life!

Why Circles @NEC?
Jesus' main strategy for growing in faith was circles. Not only did he teach it (Matt 18:20), Jesus also modeled it. While he always had a crowd of people around him, Jesus had a small circle of 12 and a tighter circle of 3. Both circles focused on growing in faith. Circles jumpstart spiritual growth and life change. From beginning to end, the Bible shows us that God's design for faith is never a "lone ranger" approach but rather faith among friends.

How can I be a part of one?
In addition to existing circles, we are now forming new circles. If you'd like to join a circle or have​ any questions about them, feel free to email Pastor Cliff at​
For more information, contact
Cliff Winters
Adult Ministries Pastor