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June is Pride Month, a 30-day celebration honoring the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their impact on American culture. Pride month seeks to encourage people to visibly express their identification with or support of LGBT+ through parades, rallies, concerts, and social media posts. Honestly, it can be a bit uncomfortable and troubling for older Christians to know how to respond to such overt displays of LGBT+ expressions. But for our kids, this is the new normal.

In fact, Gen Z is twice as likely as millennials to identify as a member or ally of the LGBT+ community. 69% of teens don’t see a problem with a person identifying as transgender, probably because a third of them know someone who is transgender. And, when deciding whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong, our kids don’t automatically go to Scripture to find the answers; they instead ask their friends or the internet. So how should we respond?

First, acknowledge the pain and anguish the church has caused to members of the LGBT+ community. Second, educate yourself on LGBT+ issues (check out our new Parent’s Guide to LGBT+). Most importantly, be courageous and gracious enough to love people as they are. Remember, Jesus built real relationships with people society had rejected. He ate with sinners and tax collectors; women of ill-repute followed Him; and He refused to despise anyone who called on His name. Model His transformative ability to love broken people while simultaneously calling them toward holiness and repentance.

This isn’t an easy task, especially if your son or daughter is dealing with gender confusion or same-sex attraction. Don’t lose heart! Love them, protect them, listen to them, and never shame them. Help them see the beauty of holiness, and never forget that no matter what sexuality or gender they may identify with or support, sexuality cannot fulfill us, only Jesus can.

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