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Small Groups for Parents: It's Just a Phase

Learning to embrace & encourage your child at the age and phase they are right now

There are approximately 936 weeks from the time a child is born until that child grows up, graduates, and moves on to whatever’s next. But each week in the life of a child or teenager is unique. Kids are constantly changing. And yet, we believe there is immeasurable potential tucked away in these early years of a person’s life. That’s when we began the journey to reclaim the phrase, “It’s just a phase.” Rather than implying that each phase is a time we must simply endure, we wanted to suggest something different: every phase is a timeframe when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence a kid’s future.   

Small Group Opportunity
Parenting can feel lonely sometimes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit with other parents with kids the same age and phase as yours to share the struggles and triumphs of parenting?

We are launching small groups based on a 6-week series of "It's Just a Phase" one for parents of preschoolers, one for elementary age and one for middle and high school parents. Get together weekly to watch a video on phases and have some great conversations. Sure to fill you with ideas, hope and support. Interested in learning about starting a group? Email Family Ministries Pastor Heather Kempskie.  

One on One: Parenting Support

Helping couples find a common ground in their parenting styles

Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding adventures of life.  Family Ministries @NEC aims to help couples make it through this unpredictable excursion with confidence and grace.

After a couple has a child, each partner's individual satisfaction may increase, but we have seen time and time again the marital satisfaction will likely decrease.  We also know it is completely normal for each partner to approach parenting differently, which can cause stress on the relationship.  Don't let parenting ware down marriage, instead see parenting as a way to grow closer together.

Two NEC couples are now certified facilitators in the internationally-acclaimed Prepare & Enrich program for marriage and parenting. Read about the parenting focus here.

Here's how it works: 
Prior to the first session, each parent completes a private online assessment which helps identify their strengths and growth areas as a couple and as parents. It usually takes 30-45 minutes to take. It is NOT a test. The assessment is $35.

You meet privately with our trained facilitator up to four or six times over the course of a month or so as they provide feedback and teach relationship skills customized specifically for you. It's safe. It's faith based. And it's with another couple who wants the best for you. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to privately email Pastor Heather

Jul 8
Middle School Fairwoods Beach Day
Wednesday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Fairwoods Christian Recreation
Hartford Ave West Uxbridge, MA
Yo middle schoolers! Do you miss the water? Do you like jumping off diving boards? Ready for new exciting games? Join us at Fairwoods Rec Society on July 8 from 10:00-2:00 for all the sunshine, ice cream and bottlecap (the greatest game ever) you can handle!  REGISTER HERE...

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