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Aug 3
Summer High School Bible Study

Welcome to Little Kids Zone

(birth through preschool)

First impressions are important. That’s why the First Look curriculum is designed to give our youngest children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father. The curriculum keeps it simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God all month long.

The activities, for older toddlers and preschoolers, tickle all the senses making mastering the concepts a blast. Crazy fun activities, crafts, large group Bible story and music... it’s all part of the plan to help a child believe three key things by the time he’s five years old:

  • God made me.
  • ‚ÄčGod loves me.
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Our classrooms

Baby Lane  - birth to 18 months 
Toddler Way – 18 months to young 2s 
Older Toddler Drive – older 2s – young 3s 
Preschool Crossing – older 3s – young 4s 
Older Preschool Road – older 4s – pre-K 

Each week you'll stop at our electronic check-in and print your child's name tag with an assigned number. If a parent is needed during service, the number will appear on the screens on either side of the stage in the sanctuary.

Want to learn more? Interested in being a caregiver on Sundays? Here's who can help:

Jennifer O'Keefe
Little Kids Zone Captain