Sunday Service: 10:00am

Advent 2018: 25 Days of Story Time

With NEC Staff & Volunteers
You've had another busy day. It feels like the list of things you need to do and accomplish for the holiday season will never, ever end. And if you're honest, you've lost sight of what the season should be all about. 

How about this? How about once a day, you take 5 minutes with the family and head to for some story time? Snuggle with the kids or do it on your own. Press play and you'll see one us.

Join NEC staff and volunteers for the reading of The Advent Storybook by Laura Richie. Every day from Dec. 1 until Dec. 25, Pastors Mike & Cliff and others will read a page a day. If you miss a day, no big deal, each story stands on its own. And at the end of each story there's a question, a simple one, that you can talk about at home. 

Our prayer is that you enjoy catching your breath and reclaiming the awesomeness of the season with messages of  joy, hope, and peace.

Available daily throughout Advent (Dec. 1-25).
Listen to one or some or all. Remember, no pressure allowed! 


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