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Welcome to Ignite

What is Ignite?

It's our super fun youth group for kids in grades 6th through 8th and is held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (September through June) at NEC.  All middle schoolers are welcome! 


What happens at Ignite?

After some fun scootering around the sanctuary and listening to some tunes or doing some crafts or checking out some board games, we typically sit down to eat some food (pizza, tacos, subs). They can grab a snack at our new snack shack and then we usually coordinate a fun challenge or game to build friendships and connections. Large group time includes a lesson that relates a biblical truths to real-life issues and realities facing our teens. Small group time follows to dig a little deeper and we round up for prayer and announcements just before pick up.


My child is hesitant to check out Ignite. How do you typically help kids on their first night at Ignite?

We get it: Most middle schoolers are reluctant! We have a few suggestions:

  • Suggest they bring their best buddy, a neighbor or relative that takes off some of the anxiousness (remember all kids must be 6th to 8th grader to attend)
  • Shoot us (see contact info below) any questions you or better yet your child has about the night and tell us a bit about your son or daughter so we can be ready to greet them!
  • Please know we have seasoned Igniters our 'Ignite Crew' ready to greet them and show them around the entire night!
  • Have them read this Q&A so they will better understand the night. Its especially important that they know it’s fun and... there’s food.
  • Plus, all new Igniters get FREE candy at our new snack shack!


Do you have to register prior to the night?

No but you can if you want otherwise you’ll have to fill out paperwork that night.  If you are new to Ignite, you can pre-register here: We will be asking for contact information as well as gathering any allergy information or medical needs.


What time is drop off & pick up?

Check-in is in the front lobby at NEC beginning at 5:50 p.m. Pick up is at 8 p.m.


Is there a cost?

Nope. We do, however, accept small cash donations to help offset the cost of feeding these kids a meal at each Ignite. (They are a hungry crowd!) A donation box is at the check-in station. Also, we now have a snack shack that will be open for 10 minutes and for less than $1 they can get a little treat of their choosing.


Are there rules at Ignite?

Yes and we use the word love to explain it!

Listen to leaders and each other

Once here, stay together

Violet (aka no purple) When you combine red & blue you get purple. Still don't get it? No physical contact)

Everyone helps

Who are the Ignite leaders?

Heather Kempskie is the Director of Family Ministries. She can be reached at

Josh Porizky is the Director of Youth Ministries. He can be reached at 

Kelly Cannon, Christie Mulligan, Jacque Gorman, Sue & Todd Sanislow round out the rest of the Ignite team! All are parents of current or former Igniters and bring so much love and fun to our Saturday night programs.