Sunday Service: 10:00am  live stream

Countdown to Downtown: The hop, skip & jump to 300 East Central 

It’s our way of setting our sites on our permanent location while still enjoying the ride there. Some stuff we don’t know (yet!) But here are some things you can count on:

  • Sunday Services @ Horace Mann Middle School: 10AM.
Did you know that NEC has its start at Horace Mann school? We’re going back in time to one of the first places we held services nearly 20 years ago. It was a time for the community to come together and make Sunday service happen. Longtime NECers describe as a time, every person chipped in and there was a tremendous feeling of comradery. We’ll need all hands to help set up Kids Zone and band. We have an amazing and safe space to host Kids Zone every Sunday and the auditorium seats 800 people. It’ll be a great place to call home for a while!

Horace Mann Sunday Transport Team

We are forming teams of able-bodied people and folks with trucks who can pick up items needed for service from our temporary office and drop off at Horace Mann.  Then bring everything back after service.  A driver and 1-2 more people will make up each  team that will likely be on a monthly rotation.  If you can help with this, please contact Kim Bradshaw

NEC's Temporary Office Space

Hayward Manor
195 Main Street, Franklin
2nd Floor (4 offices)

Key Dates


Sundays at 10AM:  
Service @ Horace Mann Middle School

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