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New England Chapel is on the move!

Along with a safe place for people to experience God for the first time, NEC has grown tremendously in how we support and equip families, how we help people grow in faith and how we become a blessing to the community and world around us.

And now, on the heels of our 20th anniversary, NEC is poised to activate its vision for church in a whole new way.

First, with the full support of our Elder Board, NEC has initiated the purchase of a property in Franklin that would actually save us more than $110,000 annually over our current rental costs. On the site of the former Ficco's Bowladrome on Central Street, NEC has a tremendous opportunity to build a new space with the greater community in mind that along with our current work, will help us become an indispensable part of the community.


Second, NEC is multiplying! In December 2018, NEC added our second campus – NEC West – now up and running in Uxbridge. Already, even before we launched our first services, God has been at work connecting people disconnected from faith and church to the NEC West core team.

Now we enthusiastically look forward to the future. Two years since NEC’s leadership transition, our congregation is growing once again with renewed financial stability. In addition to the launch of NEC West in Uxbridge, our Elder Board has been focused on a core aspect of NEC's mission – building community beyond our walls. One aspect of that is moving into a new building that has the greater potential to serve our congregation and surrounding communities. NEC leadership has discussed this for more than 10 years and now is the time to move forward.

While our current facility at 40 Kenwood Circle has served us well for more than 18 years, the opportunity to move NEC into a permanent home that is owned instead of rented has the potential to help strengthen our financial position, while allowing for the expansion and enrichment of our ministry. The architect and design team are working to capture our vision and laying the foundation for future plans. We are excited about this project and ask for your support as NEC moves into the next 20 years of its ministry to move on our mission and build community beyond our walls.

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