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NEC 20/20 Capital Campaign Details


Our congregation is fiscally stable and we’re growing. Now is the time to step out beyond our walls and build the authentic community that our founders envisioned over 20 years ago. This campaign will mark the growth of our church community to a mature organization that supports the intentions of its founders with a talented team of leaders and members committed to being a blessing within—and beyond—our walls.

Through the generous support of our members, we will raise two-thirds of the building funds through a capital campaign. With a low-interest mortgage, we expect to save roughly $10K per month on rent alone.

Campaign Goal: $2.6 Million

Why $2.6 Million?

This target number will allow us to accomplish three important pieces to the transition:             

Costs to own land and building                                  $ 2,250,000

Building Redesign (up to)                                           $ 2,400,000

            Transition/Moving Costs                                 $    150,000

            Uxbridge/NEC West Seed Funding                $      50,000


Sub-total:                                                                   $ 4,850,000

Less 30-year mortgage:                                         - $ 2,250,000

FUNDRAISING GOAL:                                              $ 2,600,000     

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