Sunday Service: 10:00am  live stream

Who we are...

New England Chapel started on a barstool, with one, simple question:

What if...?               

What if church could be different?

What if church could be a place where anyone could feel welcome, regardless of their background?

What if church could be a place where people could talk about real life issues and ask pressing questions without fear of judgment or shame?

What if church could be a place where someone who has given up on church, but not on God, could experience God’s love in a whole new way?

In 1996, following that initial gathering, a small group of people began meeting in homes and coffee shops to give rise to a new kind of church.  As the community grew, the group moved to school cafeterias and auditoriums, and finally, to 40 Kenwood Circle, where New England Chapel has been gathering since 2001.   Week after week, New England Chapel welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds, with a wealth of personal experiences and stories, many of whom have never set foot in a church before. Often, what we hear from newcomers and longtime attendees alike is:  “I had no idea church could be like this.” But it can. And, it is.


Our Mission

At NEC, our mission is to build authentic community through friendships, small groups and worship where people who have given up on church, but not on God, can experience, embrace, and express the love of God in Jesus Christ so that we can be a blessing within--and beyond--our walls.

What does that look like? For us, it is a Sunday morning experience that is timely and meaningful; small and large community groups where people can ask questions and get to know one another openly and honestly; as well as opportunities to serve - at NEC, in the greater Franklin area and beyond. Because this is what we believe church should be; this is what NEC was created to do. 

We invite you to come and see what church can be, and join us as we continue to grow a “What If” kind of church.