Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School

Matt Kelly



Hometown: Walpole, MA

Elder since: 2015

Member of NEC since: 2007

Family:  Wife Jessica, Daughter Rylee and Sons Brady & Tyler

Professional life: Controller

Hobbies:  All things family and close friends, whether it be Sunday dinners with extended family, weekends away with my in-laws or a day at the park with the kids.

What are your passions as it relates to NEC:  My main passion is the mission, I was the guy who had given up on church and I even believed I had given up on God. NEC was a place that I was able to reconnect with God in a meaningful and purposeful relationship. Our mission is important and we need to always be thinking about not just those in our walls currently but those outside our walls who don’t even know they are missing out on a relationship with God. I am also passionate about our restorations efforts outside our walls as these are extremely important to Gods calling for us as Christians.

Favorite scripture: Galatians 5:13