Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School

Pastor Cliff Winters

Adult Ministries Pastor


Family:  My family is spread across three states: Virginia, West Virginia, and Minnesota.  Which is why Jesus invented Skype...

Grew up in:  Richmond, Virginia.  Home to the VCU Rams, my alma mater.  It's a fabulous city.  Don't go expecting to see major sports teams; unless their plane breaks down and they have to bus it down I-95.

Part of the job looking forward to the most:  The coffee-maker?  I have simple tastes.  :)  Also the opportunity to work alongside NEC's amazing ministry team.  Friends doing stuff together is kind of what it's all about.  

Some things I enjoy doing:  Rugby, team service projects, reading and writing (arithmetic... not so much), being a part of a small group (read Bonhoeffer's Life Together!), running, vegging, singing in random places and uncomfortable circumstances.  You'll learn to love that last one.  I like cake a lot.  

Favorite verse:  Psalm 13.  Don't judge.