Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School

Pastor Mike Laird

Senior Pastor

Mike grew up in the Greater Lowell area and comes from both a big Irish Catholic family on his dad side and quieter Protestant family on his mother’s side. He has a business degree from Bentley College, and a masters degree from Gordon-Conwell Seminary. It was there that he met Laura. They got to know each other while studying Greek on the beach and Mike proposed to her in their preaching class. In August of 1997, the day after their honeymoon, they moved to Franklin to help start New England Chapel.

Their first year at NEC, as Laura and Mike led a bible study in their home (in the Mitchell’s basement apartment), they had the privilege of exposing people to the Gospel for the first time and literally watching the Holy Spirit open it up to them and bring them understanding. “We saw lives changed and our lives were changed”…

They moved to Grand Rapids, MI to go to Calvin Seminary to be ordained in the Christian Reformed Church (2001), and came back to launch a daughter church in Danvers called North Shore Chapel. After eight very rewarding years at NSC, they moved to Elmhurst, IL to see how God could use their church planting skills in an established church setting. After only 2 years there, they happily followed God’s lead (a longer but cool story) back to NEC, where Mike and Laura are excited to rejoin the amazing work God is doing here.

When asked what his interests and passions are: I really love helping people see and team up with God in all areas of their life! I love to talk about how baseball and prime rib and every other fantastic thing are pointers to God. I love, on a slightly lesser scale, good dark beers and good black tea; especially from the mother country, Ireland.

Mike and Laura have been married 20 years and have three kids Sam, Ben & Phoebe (15, 13, 9).