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Restoration: serve, equip & connect

Jesus says he will make all things new again (Rev. 21:5), and he invites us into his work of Restoration.  NEC reaches out to those in need within our walls, in our community, and across the world.  Won’t you join us?  We have formed service teams targeting special projects and also partner with established local and regional organizations for wider impact. 


NEC Cares

NEC Cares is one to one support for anyone experiencing a difficult time in life. We walk with you through serious illness, bereavement, caring for others, job crisis, divorce, and other challenges that disrupt your life because NEC Cares.

Contact:  Kim Mu-Chow at  

Caring Meals

This group provides meals to those who have given birth, are sick, had an accident or surgery, had a family death, or who are, for numerous reasons, temporarily incapacitated.
Contact:  Kim Mu-Chow at


A team of volunteers who help a couple of Saturdays a month with basic home repairs, moving items, or other small jobs for people in need of a helping hand.

Safe Families for Children

Our church partners with this national organization to assist families in crisis.  A network of volunteer hosts help parents with temporary child care as they work through crises or unforeseen circumstances.
Contact: Colleen Flaherty 

Paper Angels

This team sends out thoughtful sympathy, encouragement and get well cards to people going through a rough time.  Cards are sent to anyone brought the team’s attention.
Contact: Laurie Martin

Financial Health

We help those who are struggling with managing their finances to learn about and then apply God’s principles of managing money so they may experience God’s freedom in this area of their lives. We encourage you to come and enhance your financial management skills by attending a series of Financial Peace University courses and/or individual/personal financial counseling.
For more information, contact Jason Arnold
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