Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School

301: Relationships

Sundays thru October 28 at 9am
Small Chapel

Nothing is as important to spiritual health as healthy relationships!  Each week for the next seven weeks, come hear Cliff Winters, Heather Kempskie, Lisa Hanson, Todd Sanislow, Lisa Pisano, and Greg Handel teach on a different aspect of... what might be the most important (and complex) subject of all!  We're made to need each other, so why is it so hard to get along??  For the next two months, we'll help you better navigate your most important relationships by exploring:

  • The Purpose of Relationships
  • Your Family of Origin
  • The Relationship Toolbox
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Finding Peace in Failed Relationships
  • Men and Relationships
  • Our Relationship with God

Join us in Small Chapel Sunday mornings at 9:00am as we explore how God fixes us, heals us, challenges us, and grows us through other people.  Don't believe me?  Join us Sunday and find out for yourself!  

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Cliff Winters
Adult Ministries Pastor