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301: Loving God

"Love" is one of those catch-words the church likes to use--like "grace" or "faith"--that has lost some of its meaning over the years.  It just doesn't seem to pack the punch that it used to.  Can we bring it back?  Can the church get fired up again over the idea that God loves us?   Yeah.  Yeah it can... 


301: Love & The World

 Jesus says the greatest commandment is "to love God and love each other." That's great! Wait... how do I do that? If the core ethic of Christianity is love, we gotta get a better handle on what it is, how it works, and to whom it applies (spoiler alert: it applies to everybody!)  Laura Laird investigates how to follow Christ's most important command.



301: Love & Community

In Matthew 22, Jesus tells us that His greatest commandments are to love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves.  What does loving our neighbor look like in the context of community?  How do we as a church love people beyond our walls?   Colleen Flaherty, EPIC leader and coordinator for Safe Families for Children, discusses how to have grace filled relationships, and how to use biblical hospitality to radically live out the mission of the gospel.



301: Love & Family


What is love? And how does it apply to family - to the people you live with and the people that you are genetically or matrimonially bound to? Are crazy Aunt Mary and rude cousin Joe even lovable? Heather Kempskie, Family Ministries Director, and mother and daughter and sister, discusses God's design for family, what love looks like and what it doesn't look like when it comes to one of the biggest blessings and craziest challenges God has given us: Family. 

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