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301: The Gospel and the Holy Spirit

The church (rightly) talks a lot about God’s plan to restore the world to himself, and Christ’s role in that restoration through the cross, but have you ever wondered, “That’s great, but what does the Holy Spirit do?”  If you want to discover what the third person of the Trinity—the Holy Spirit—has to do with the gospel and our salvation, watch as Wayne Pitts leads us through the final installment of THE GOSPEL series!  



301: The Gospel and the Son Part 2

 Love does.  The Bible thinks that love is active in the world.  It changes things!  The word "gospel" implies that God has done something very specific on our behalf:  he has adopted us and made us his own.  In Christ and through Christ, we become the children of God!  Laura Laird leads us through this, one of the most important and engaging truths of Scripture.  



301: The Gospel and the Son

The Gospel is a promise of New Life, a new life in Jesus Christ. But what does this mean exactly? What is the nature of this new life? How does it impact the way we should live? Hear Dr. Greg Handel open up the scriptures to look into these and other questions in this 301 series of “The Gospel.”


301: The Gospel, the Father and the Fall

The gospel uses pretty easy words--sin, salvation, birth, death, life--but the concept that we are separated from God, and why we are, and how that condition may be remedied is a little harder to understand sometimes. If your spiritual life could use a little reminder of why we got into this "faith" thing in the first place, watch as Pastor Cliff starts us out on a new series on "the good news"... that is as old as the church itself!