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301: Faith@Work

We all have "work friends," right?  You know: folks that we hang out with at the office or on the job.  Watercooler friends.  (God help us) cubicle friends.  They tell the well-timed joke, listen when we need to blow off steam, and just get us through the day.

What if God were one of those friends?  

Some of the greatest challenges to faith, life, and health you will face this week will be faced at work If you want to talk through how faith can work for you in the workplace--how God can help you build and restore healthy working relationships, how to be free from the rat race, and how to live authentically in an image-is-everything kind of world-- FAITH@WORK is for you!  Hear the real-life stories and advice of three professionals who are on that same journey.

And seriously consider watching reruns of NBC's The Office.  It isn't in any way God-related, but it's pretty awesome!!  What?  I'm just sayin'...  :-)

Leading with Integrity, Chris Paine: We spend so much of our life at work and, as a result, in relationships day in and day out  - sometimes with people we like, sometimes with people we are ‘less fond of’,  but hey – we’re stuck with them as co-workers.  What happens when on Sunday you hear a sermon about ‘resolving conflict well,’ or  ‘serve each other’ and the first thing that pops into your mind is… “that makes sense with my friends and family, but no way do I want to do that with my co-worker”?   If you struggle with this, and would like to participate in a discussion about engaging in healthy relationships at work even when that’s the last thing you want to do , join us this Sunday at 9 for the second  of a three-part series: 301-Faith @ Work- Leading with Integrity

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