Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School

301: The Book of Revelation

God's love is easy; God's anger is hard.  There's a book at the end of the Bible called Revelation, and it has caused fear and doubt, false expectation and true confusion, throughout the life of the church.  But, for the earliest followers of Christ, it was easy.  They knew what it meant, and they knew why it was important.  It was a story about love lost and regained.  It was a story about the movement of God among his people.  And it was a story about a war--THE war--for the rescue and restoration of the world.  And that message is every bit as important today as it was back then.  Pastor Cliff is hosting a four-week class on Sunday mornings at 9:00am starting June 3rd that may make this strange and wonderful book a little bit easier for you as well!

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