Sunday Service: 10:00am

301: Violence in the Bible & Church History


God's a God of love, right? I mean, God IS love! Why is he so violent, then? Why is the Bible (and why is church history) so full of violence, wrath, and destruction? Can we really believe both that God loves us and that God hurts us? Something's gotta give... To figure out what that "something" might be, watch as Pastor Cliff leads us through one of the most emotionally-charged (and personally experienced) questions of the faith... Oh, and God totally loves you... 🙂



301: Why We Believe What We Believe


We don't need to defend God. He's all set. 🙂 But we do sometimes need to defend why we believe what we believe, even if only to ourselves! If you want to learn how to answer some of the harder questions of faith, check out this 301 video. Cliff and Greg won't give you the "answers" (as if we could!) But we may find some points of agreement... And people coming to agreement? Yeah, I think that's something God wouldn't mind at all... 😁



301: Creation & Evolution


Why does the Bible say that God created the heavens and the earth in six days when like everybody else says it took 14 billion years? Did God make us or did we evolve to be what we are? Greg Handel will help us answer this, the first serious question of our faith. Spoiler alert: it may be that these two accounts aren't so very far off as we thought! 🙂