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301: Church & Worship

 What is worship?  When do I know if I'm doing it well or not? What role does it play in the Christian Life for us individually and the Church corporately? Watch as Dr. Greg Handel explores the answers to these questions through the scriptures.



301: Church & The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? How does he work in my life? How does he work within the church? Come this Sunday as Dr. Greg Handel explores how the scriptures answer these questions and examine what relevance the answers have to our everyday life. 


301: Church & The World


God loves the world that he has made, but much of it is sundered from him. So, in order to fix it and bring it back to himself, he constructed a most unlikely tool: Us.
If you ever wondered what the whole point of "the church" was, check out what Pastor Cliff has to say on the topic of THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD. 

Church & The World: Part 2



301: Church & The Bible


The Bible "does" a lot of things. It's a tool for instruction, a help in hard times, a reminder to prioritize God and others. But it's also a constitution. In fact, it is THE constitutional document of and for the church--the centerpoint around which the family of God gathers. If you want to better understand it--how it makes us a family, holds us together, and mobilizes us for ministry in the world--join pastor Cliff  as we begin a new series on THE CHURCH.