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301: Pray Without Ceasing

We often can feel guilty because we don’t pray enough.  But, how often should we pray? In scripture the apostle Paul said we should, “Pray without ceasing,” but how can we possibly do this and live practical lives? Are we doomed to a guilt-ridden life unless we do nothing but pray all day? Dr. Greg Handel walks through the scripture to resolve this issue and learn how to live a life of continual communication with  God.


301: Meditation Prayer


Christian Meditation is a way God has given us to learn about him, experience his presence and respond to him in a time of quiet. In this 301, we'll find out about Guided Christian Meditaion and then experience a short meditation.


301: Intercessory Prayer

We all want to pray for loved ones that are facing trials and challenges, right?  God agrees!  He asks us "to bear one another's burdens" and "pray for each other"--in other words, to "intercede" for one another.  But it can be hard--hard to do, and hard even to understand.  If you ever wondered why God calls us to pray for one another--and how He wants us to do it--this Sunday, March 31st, we'll be learning the why's and how's, the in's and out's, of one of God's favorite topics:  intercessory prayer.


301: Prayer in the Bible


"Prayer" is not a word the general public uses anymore. What does it mean? What did it used to mean? How do we do it? Why do we do it? If you want to discover the biblical foundations of prayer, watch as Cliff tries to make sense... of a pretty common-sense word... 🙂