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We are glad you are here. 

You belong here. 

Thank you for exploring the invitation to become
an official member of the NEC community. 

Why membership?

  • You want to learn about NEC’s history and mission. 
  • Your faith is growing (by the way there is no end destination) and you want to demonstrate that faith by making NEC your church home. 
  • You want to put your faith in action by sharing God's love and care to others through giving of your time, talents and resources.
  • You want to know what we are all about. We want to know you too!


Step 1: Attend our ‘Getting to Know You’ class. This 45-minute session, led by one of our Elders and a NEC staff person, is typically held monthly.  Check back for next scheduled date!


Step 2: Attend our second membership class ‘Belong.’ This 90-minute session is led by our senior pastor Mike Laird and scheduled periodically throughout the year. You must have already attended ‘Getting to Know You.’


Step 3: Share your faith story/journey with us via email. We’ll explain this more thoroughly in the ‘Belong’ class. One of our pastors will contact you to welcome you as a new member of NEC!

Need more information?  Here's who can help:

Karen Tegelaar
Administrative Director