Sunday Service: 10:00am  at  Horace Mann Middle School


We are glad you are here. 

You belong here. 

Thank you for exploring the invitation to become
an official member of the NEC community. 

Why membership?

  • You want to learn about NEC’s history and mission. 
  • Your faith is growing (by the way there is no end destination) and you want to demonstrate that faith by making NEC your church home. 
  • You want to put your faith in action by sharing God's love and care to others through giving of your time, talents and resources.
  • You want to know what we are all about. We want to know you too!


Step 1: Register to attend our ‘Getting to Know You’ class. This 45-minute session, led by one of our Elders and a NEC staff person, is typically held the last Sunday of each month immediately after service.


Step 2: Attend our second membership class ‘Belong.’ This 90-minute session is led by our senior pastor Mike Laird and scheduled periodically throughout the year. You must have already attended ‘Getting to Know You.’


Step 3: Share your faith story/journey with us via email. We’ll explain this more thoroughly in the ‘Belong’ class. One of our pastors will contact you to welcome you as a new member of NEC!

Need more information?  Here's who can help:

Karen Tegelaar
Administrative Director


Upcoming Classes


2nd membership class

October 27 at 11AM

What does it mean to love God and others? Understand the promises we (NEC and you) make to each other.  

Register here for Belong