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Small Groups

Life's better together. Nobody goes to an amusement park alone.  Just saying. We don't wanna go solo to the movies, and sitting by ourselves at football games is lame. Life is lived in community. Find a community that gives you life!

This fall, NEC is launching a raft of new small groups bound by the idea that life, together, is better. It makes us grow and get stronger.  It gives us identity and a face in the crowd.It is the friend-making, boredom-shaking, life-changing engine of the church.Want to come along for the ride?  Well strap in and hold on because, starting October 15th,NEC just isn't gonna be the same!  

Registration is now open for some of our small groups.  Check them out below!  


Bible-Study Groups

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Young Adults

If you have questions, please email us at,
Fill out interest form here if you are looking for a group not yet available.