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Check back for updates. Info provided by the NEC 20/20 Communication Team.

June 23 Sunday Morning Spotlight

Match Madness Update

June 19, 2019
We did it!!  Thank you!!

With God's grace, we did it!

From May 15 through June 15, we collectively met the challenge and
received a match of $150,000 from a fellow NECer!

Match Madness Update

June 6, 2019

So far, $89,861 has been pledged since May 15!
If you haven't pledged yet, PLEDGE NOW!

If  you want to increase your pledge before June 15,
contact Jen Mayer

Ficco's Closing Day

May 31, 2019

May 19 Sunday Morning Spotlight

Pastor Heather walks us through the new floor plan

May 22, 2019



*This just in: An NECer has given us a challenge and wants to match - dollar for dollar - anything donated between May 15 and June 15  up to $150K* 

Let's do this! Discover your giving options here.

May 12 Sunday Morning Spotlight


May 5 Sunday Morning Spotlight


Our Giving Tree


Our beautiful tree, revealed this Sunday, needs to blossom! For every family that pledges towards our new building campaign, we will add another leaf. There are about 60 leaves know. Our artist (and our fundraising team members) think we need about 200 more. Will you pledge? Find out more

Story of NEC Video

Shown at March 30 & April 28 events


NEC West Vision Night
April 13, 2019

NEC West meets to learn the latest and greatest information news about our new building!

In the News!
Friday, April 12, 2019

Check out the Country Gazette's coverage of our big move!

Spare Change Adds Up
April 7, 2019 

Did you hear the great news? Our kids - from preschool to high school - raised.....$1,999.36 IN CHANGE during our annual Change for Change Challenge!!

During the month of March, they collected spare change to make a BIG change and their determination and generosity will go towards NEC's new building fund.

And a donor has matched the collection...which brings the total donation to $3998.72!!!

Thank you kids - you are shining example to our community. And always remember, you may be small but you can do BIG things!

NEC 20/20 Vision Night
March 30, 2019

NEC 20/20 Vision Night on March 30 was an evening of reflection, celebration and connection. Nearly 200 people strong we honored our past, recognized our present and planned for our future  including the new property at Ficco’s Bowladome.

If you missed the event  and would like to hear the latest and greatest news about NEC's new building, please stick around after service on April 28! We took a night of celebration and vision and have compacted it for your viewing pleasure. Relive the moments of NEC 20/20 Vision Night with live speakers and updates. See the proposed floor plan and celebrate 20 years of NEC. (30 minutes) Snacks and beverages to be served.

For continued updates, visit our designated web site at For any specific questions, you can reach us at Photos generously taken by NEC Member Jen Rizzi.

Prepping for Vision Night
March 29, 2019

Members of the communication team do a run-through of vision night, set for tomorrow March 30 at 4 p.m. More than 175 guests expected to celebrate the past and present and look towards the future.

Change for Change Challenge: Kids get in on raising money for our new building
March 20, 2019

We're challenging our youngest generation to do something big this month by collecting and depositing every spare nickel, dime, quarter and penny they can get their hands on into bottle outside of Small Chapel. This year, we will be donating our collection to the NEC building campaign! Now through March 31, consider donating your spare change to our annual Change for Change Challenge.

Inside Ficcos Building as teams takes measurements; starts dreaming
March 15, 2019

The 7.6 acre site, located off of Rt. 140 in the heart of Franklin will become New England Chapel’s permanent home – designed and built specifically to suit our needs.


  • Easy access and direct entrance from Rt. 140
  • More parking spaces
  • Family/group picnic area
  • State of the art playground
  • Over 25 rooms/conference rooms for the expansion of:
    • Kids Zone/Youth Programs
    • Men’s & Women’s Ministry programs
    • Bible Study groups
    • Recovery and other community groups
    • Additional small group gatherings
  • Space for more pre-and post-service engagement opportunities
  • Sanctuary seating for over 500 people
  • 22,000 Sq. ft. buildingThe 7.6 acre site, located off of Rt. 140 in the heart of Franklin will become New England Chapel’s permanent home – designed and built specifically to suit our needs.

      For more information, visit the Building Highlights page.

Pictures of NEC 20/20 environment in back of sanctuary
March 13, 2019

Visit this spot in the back of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings for up-to-date information, fundrasising updates and to leave a prayer on the wall. 

Pastor Mike signs P&S
March 1, 2019

A moment 20 years in the making. 


Key Dates

Pledges needed:
Date is up to us!

Construction begins:
2 mos after pledges are in

Exit 40 Kenwood: Nov 30

Move in to Ficcos building
8 mos after pledges are in

Ready to pledge?
Visit Opportunities for Giving
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